Mentoring Forum Panelist - Marcia Skervin


Marcia ‘Moriah’ Skervin , can be described as innovative, as she continues to rethink the future as a Human Resource Consultant and Motivational Speaker. She recently launched her second company Connect Your Dots, a program dealing with mentoring, motivational and stress management talks in corporate and in schools.

Her varied work and her academic experience have helped steered her into a growing business opportunity coaching work-balance methods, motivating and inspiring people and changing the thought process from “cannot do” to “I can and I will” culture.

She is currently assigned to the mentoring program at University Technology (UTECH), NYS and YUTE in Kingston, Jamaica. She is also the founder of a non-profit organization -The Ronald Skervin Foundation - which specializes in cancer support services for patients, families and friends locally and in the United Kingdom.. A philanthropist she dedicated this Foundation to her brother who lost his battle with cancer in 2011. From the shores of Jamaica, she works part time with New Style Radio UK, where she co-hosts the program: Reggae Matrix.

A proud Jamaican, she hails from the parish of St. Catherine. She is a graduate pf Excelsior High School, the HEART Academy, The University College of the Caribbean and Edexcel/RDI UK, and University of Sunderland, UK. She is an avid reader, publicist, writer and singer and described as naturally talented and vibrant. Her mantra ‘Injustice prevails when good people stand by and do nothing’ is every indication about her passion about life.

As a proud mother of three children, Malik 15, Christina 24 and Mackenzie 3 years, she shares her life’s journey in her writings of poetry and her Blog which she describes as a source of inspiration.

Ms. Skervin will share her thoughts of being relevant and be part of the community, through our expertise and influence, and our ability to build partnerships as she joins the Mentoring Panel at the upcoming Women’s Empowerment Conference.

Karen Vick